Why is iDrink good for you?

We all know that water has amazing health benefits, but what makes iDrink so good for you?

Normal water can never compare to iDrink when it comes to all the health benefits iDrink has to offer. Idrink is so different from normal water for many different reasons.

Over 72 different trace minerals such as magnesium and zinc.  It also has important b-vitamins, electrolytes, and plenty of other stuff the body needs.

On a daily basis, people go by, not realizing that they may not have received their necessary intake of vitamins, iDrink can really help with that. By taking iDrink, one can have the peace of mind they are getting the vitamins and minerals their body needs while hydrating on a whole new level.

Also, if you are a health conscious person, it makes even more sense to switch your water to i drink. Why not take advantage of a beverage to gain extra nutrients into your body, its simply genius!