How is iDrink different from other bottled waters?

When iDrink is compared to other brands of bottled water, it’s clear to see why it stands out. Most other brands of bottled water contain just sodium, calcium, magnesium, and chlorides, which are only there to give the water flavor. IDrink contains over 72 trace minerals, essential vitamins, among other healthy ingredients. Best of all? The taste and clarity of iDrink’s water isn’t at all affected by these added vitamins. Rest assured that iDrink did not add all those vitamins solely for taste.

They were added to provide the body with optimal hydration, meaning all of the vitamins added serve a purpose, leaving you feeling more refreshed and hydrated than any other brand of water could. This means you will literally feel the difference when you drink an iDrink versus when drinking normal water.

IDrink is also alkaline on the pH scale, making it even better than just a traditional vitamin water. Most other bottled waters are on the acidic side of the pH scale, which is bad for you and can cause health problems.

Alkaline water has numerous health benefits, ranging from neutralizing acid in the bloodstream, increasing oxygen levels, and improving energy and metabolism, and much more. Even though there are plenty of other alkaline water options available, iDrink happens to be among the highest alkalinity, coming in at a pH of 9.5.

All in all, what sets iDrink apart from other bottled waters is the added vitamins and the high alkalinity. Make the right choice in choosing drinking water. Choose iDrink today for optimal hydration.