• April 9, 2020


iRevive is the first of its kind: An essential nutrient “shot” for both hydration AND recovery. It is delivered directly to your cells through one of a kind, water encapsulated, nanotechnology. Far more effective than hard vitamins or mixes. There are NO fillers. Just A multitude of Physician Recommended, plant-based Ingredients, that are centered around:

  • REPLACING- coffee and Energy Drinks
  • RESTORING – energy levels
  • REHYDRATING- depleted cells
  • RECOVERING- from too much alcohol
  • REVIVING – Sore muscles

Package of 12

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Specifically :

Ginseng Root (boosts energy + lowers stress),
Beta-Alanine (decreases muscle fatigue),
Glutathione (fights free radicals, helps the liver),
B-6 (used as a mood enhancer, and for brain health),
glucuronolactone (improves energy and mood and fights fatigue),
Taurine (improves exercise capacity and repairs tissues),
L-Tyrosine (improves alertness and focus),
B-1 (key in nerve, muscle, and heart optimization),
B-2 (breaks down proteins, fats, and carbs),
B-12 (keeps the nerve and blood cells healthy/ used for energy),
Resveratrol (improves heart function),
CoQ10 (improves heart function),
L- Carnitine (turns fatty acids into energy/promotes weight loss),
Milk Thistle (fights free radicals/improves liver function),
Reishi Mushroom (great for heart and liver health),
72 TRACE MINERALS (helps bones, muscles, heart, and brain function),
Usnea (Used for pain relief),
Chicory (for liver health and balances the stimulant effect of coffee),
Arjuna (regulates blood pressure/ liver function),
Alpha-Lipoic Acid (an anti-oxidant/ promotes liver health) Japanese Knotweed (great source of vitamin A,C, and potassium) Milk Thistle (natural treatment for liver and cholesterol),
Grape Vine (Great for heart, + eyes, high in fiber),
Caper Bush (helps the liver, heart, and diabetes help) Luteolin (an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory),
Calendula Flower (anti-inflammatory and decreases muscle spasms),
caffeine (1/4 of a cup as a small stimulant),
niacin (boosts brain function)

All of this means you can “get going”  quickly. GreenONE doesn’t use harmful ingredients which artificially spike your system and only temporarily fuel your body. You’ll feel this shot in a few minutes, but you’ll appreciate it for hours!