Neil Fineman speaks on CLIF BAR Cross Vegas 2017

Kristina Gebers 09-08-2017

On Wednesday, September 20, 2017, Las Vegas will host CLIF BAR CrossVegas one final time at Desert Breeze Soccer Complex.  Since its inception eleven years ago, CrossVegas has grown exponentially, amassing over 10,000 spectators.

Named the top Cyclocross competition in the country, CrossVegas boasts extreme athletes from over twenty countries.  For the first time in Cyclocross history, idrink is the official water, tasked with hydrating thousands of bicyclists, VIP guests, and volunteers.  

idrink CEO Neil Fineman knows about competition, “I competed in professional sports for many years, and wish I would have had idrink then.  Hydration is paramount for performance.  Our nanotechnology vitamin water is the only water that provides rapid hydration on a cellular level, and we are confident that CrossVegas competitors will benefit from idrink- the next generation water.”


idrink Beverages is a Las Vegas based beverage company focused delivering nutrition and hydration on it's highest levels. Please contact us at and follow us @idrinkbeverages on all social media. 

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