Chemistry is not reserved for dating alone. It’s everywhere and it’s time we figured out how it applies to our daily life because we’re going to talk about alkaline water, and it’s time you knew everything you need to know. No “insider reports” to dismiss the science, or even hack science here, just facts, based on basic Chemistry.

Alkaline Water and Hydration

Staying hydrated is easy. All you need to do is consume enough liquids to ensure the proper functioning of your kidneys, digestive system and overall health. Things like fresh juice, coconut water, watery fruits like watermelon and grapes, milk, you get the drift. The benefits to the consumption of food as liquids are many, they provide essential nutrients your body needs for normal functioning. There’s no disputing that, however, what if we told you there is also another way to stay hydrated and that it is going to change how you define “drinking”!

Definitions and Data

A liquid is labeled alkaline or acidic based on its pH level. The pH scale is measured from 1 to 14. Regular tap water falls under the neutral pH level of 6 – 7. Anything lower than 6 is acidic and higher than 7 is alkaline. Alkaline liquids are used to neutralize acidic liquids. Our body is composed of acidic and alkaline elements, and its optimum functioning is based on the balance between the two.

When water goes through the ionization process, the water molecules are broken up into smaller clusters, thus making it easier for the body to absorb. When body absorbs more water, it stays hydrated longer.

A WHO paper says that drinking water that has even a small quantity of an essential element plays a “relevant, protective role”. Alkaline water can, and will, help you combat basic health issues – inflamed joints, bad digestion, erratic blood glucose levels – to name a few. By consuming alkaline water, your vital organs are now helping process well-balanced bodily fluids, creating a better functioning machine, so to speak.

Sources of alkaline water

Naturally alkaline water is found in hilly and mountainous regions of the world. Rivers that pass through rocks and soil pick up their minerals and have a distinctive taste. Thanks to advancements in science, it has been possible to ionize water to alter its pH levels enough to make it alkaline.

Alkaline water and your body

How does alkaline water help you? The most obvious is of course neutralizing your body’s high acid content. A body that is over tired, sluggish, has nagging aches and pains, probably has highly acidic body fluids – aka low pH level. When food is consumed, the stomach produces acids to help digest the food. Ulcers, malfunctioning vital organs, and so much more, the implications are far reaching and uniformly dangerous.

How much to drink, that’s the question

Drinking alkaline water regularly will help to neutralize the dangerous acids wreaking havoc on your health. This isn’t a one-time solution, or a fad cleanse. This is the tortoise in the race, slow and steady, but a sure fire winner! Drinking alkaline water regularly and frequently will see a marked improvement in your health, and not only that, you also stay refreshed and hydrated. Water toxicity is lethal, so don’t go overboard just because we’ve said alkaline water is good for you.

In health and nutrition, balance is the key. The goal isn’t to drink alkaline water exclusively, but drinking enough of it in a day to aid your body in processing what goes in. This will help to correct any imbalances.

There are lots of ways to get alkaline foods into your diet to help you deal with acidic body fluids, but, when you only need to drink a few glasses of water a day, wouldn’t you rather drink?


Staying hydrated is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. Alkaline water helps you hydrate faster and more efficiently. When choosing a kind of alkaline water, it’s important to consider all the benefits they can offer. This is why iDrink Multi-Vitamin Alkaline Water is the healthiest choice in water available. IDrink Multi-Vitamin Alkaline Water has a pH of 9.0 and it contains over 72 trace minerals, vitamins, and electrolytes. So, the next time you are thirsty, drink an iDrink Multi-Vitamin Alkaline Water and enjoy the hydration and nourishment it provides.