Our short history


iDrink organic products include natural beverages like coffee and coconut water, providing healthful drink options sold in cost-efficient, environmentally friendly packaging. From water, to iced coffee, to coconut water, we offer a premium taste experience available at a less-than-premium cost. To learn more about our beverages or our innovative packaging, we invite you to contact us today.


  Our goal is to deliver healthy, good tasting products at an affordable price to the stores you shop at and your home. You'll recognize us through disruptive packaging that speaks to a healthy lifestyle and symbols that mean innovation.  


iDrink Multivitamin Water is a 9.0+ pH Alkaline water designed to cleanse your body. By delivering B1 (for cardio vascular and brain health), B12 (which combats fatigue) D3 (helps with healthy bones and teeth) ATP (the actual building block of energy in the body) D-Ribose (which supports the heart), Carnitine (it helps to burn fat), Electrolytes (helps to reduces deydration), and 72 trace minerals (for joint health and digestion) in a nano based delivery system; it additional supplies your body with healthy nutrients while looking to hydrate you at the cellular level.   It was important for us to share our innovative and proprietary nano based delivery system with the consumers that purchased our products. With our first, mass produced beverage, we wanted to produce a water that not only had the best taste, but delivered key trace minerals and nutrients that your body needed on a daily basis. To do so without any masking agents, flavoring, or calories, was the ultimate goal to show consumers how unique we were. Producing it at a cost effective price was done so in the hope that everyone could enjoy it.

Research & Development


Our R & D department has been our driving force as we aim to continue pioneering more innovative, original, and cutting-edge products. Most of our beverages are naturally supplemented with vitamins and electrolytes. Others have these elements added. Thanks to our proprietary organic sweetener, we have had great success in reducing the sugar content of our beverages to about 9 grams or le  We also carry beverages with no added sugar, while keeping the taste profile intact. This provides a significant benefit to our company, retail partner, and the consumer. Zero-sugar organic beverages are not readily available in the market, leading us to better define our position in providing healthier natural and organic beverages that are competitively priced for all consumers.   Which lead us to better define our position as a healthy, natural beverage company that produces competitively priced products for each consumer.  



We have developed logistical advantages that have saved our company money by reducing our freight cost by approximately half. We have invented, developed, and patented a unique box, along with the technology needed to build it, for the purpose of relieving the issues associated with weight limitations during every step of the shipping process.   Competitors' products, such as paper bottles and the boxes in which they are shipped, have been damaged from the weight of the cases stacked on top of them, which is why it is recommended to stack these cases only 4 to 5 high.   But with our patented box and technology, we have created the solution which can save other companies encountering these issues a significant amount of money, as it did for us.